2011-07-10 18:52:50 by Lova-Gurl

I just wanted to make a post saying that I have not given up music, I just moved to a different website, called reverbnation, you can't download but if you're a fan of my music you are welcome to listen to the beats.

Lovagurl Music Page

Thanks for all the support,

My New Song Format

2008-04-12 20:32:02 by Lova-Gurl

to everyone say how empty my songs sound all of a sudden, i'm tryin to make instrumentals that people can actually rap or sing on and if u overpower a song wit instruments it will drown out the persons vocals that are on the track, and i'm tryin to prevent that, and also that is why most of the parts on a song repeat too, they are set to have atleast 2 verses 2 choruses and sometimes a hook. if u listen to instrumentals of professional songs, mostly hiphop they repeat in some sort of fashion or they have a sense of emptyness to them Examples of emptyness: (Sexy Can I, Crank Dat Soulja Boy) Examples of repeats: (All Good Things Come To An End, Say It Right) yea look those instrumentals on youtube and you will get wat i'm saying, sometimes it's the vocals that can make a song stand out.


I'm tired of all these people callin themselves the king of ng it's just stupid the king of a website that lets people download your music for free? come on now, this place was made for people to post their music for other people's enjoyment not to be claim kingship or somethin i mean look a few years back when other people started to claim kingship i'm not gonna say no names but it all turned into a disater and some friendships were destroyed forever.... so plz don't fight about that it's just stupid just make music and have fun doin it don't get cocky and turn into a jerks... and that also goes out to the people that are leaving comments callin people the kings of ng..... i just don't want to see a repeat of what happened before